Tech Summit:

Technology has had a dramatic effect on marketing and is reshaping the role and responsibilities of both CMOs and CIOs and the relationships between marketing and IT. Technology is clearly no luxury today, rather, an indispensable part of people’s lives. It forms the platform we use to interact, share experiences, and stay connected. And as marketers, the last thing we should be doing is shying away from using technology effectively to provide tailored, innovative and meaningful experiences to our customers. At the Tech summit, understand, discuss and debate on how technology has truly impacted 21st century marketing, and what the future of marketing looks like in this context.

Who should attend:

The Summit is for the growing community of hybrid professionals who are both marketing as well as technology savvy: marketing technologists, marketing developers, creative technologists, growth hackers, data scientists, and digital strategists.

What to expect:

Explore a broad range of important marketing technology issues and ideas, Learn smart strategies for tracking next year’s tech innovation today, and hear from game-changers, as well as tech start-ups on how to effectively create conversations, experiences and relationships for customers using technology.

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