Sanjay Behl 3

Sanjay Behl
Raymond Limited
Chairperson, Marketing Leader of the Year Awards

With the rapid advent of wireless technology, high performance affordable digital devices and exponential growth of ‘anyone, anytime, anywhere’ global community building platforms, we have seamlessly and conclusively migrated to a new ‘way of life’ over the last few years.

This sudden metamorphosis into an hitherto alien world has a very significant impact on how current-age marketers cope-up with this newly evolving dual consumer ecosystem of ‘digital immigrants’ (Pre-1995 born) and ‘digital natives’ (Post 1995 born). Core to success of organisations and brands going forward will not be their scale of operations or investments anymore, but it will be their ability to meaningfully segment and constructively mine the data deluge that’s upon us in this digital era.DMAi is an excellent platform to cross-pollinate and learn from the best practices around the industry in data driven marketing and advertising fields, which just could be the most significant competitive advantages that brands may have to sustainably win in this digitally immersed world that we all live-in today.