Are you ready to imbibe it all ?

The Global Marketing & Advertising Week 2015 is the 4th mega edition of the very successful, significant and far reaching DMAi Annual Convention which witnessed over 100+ Speakers, 165 Sessions, 1000+ senior marketers in 3 days, last year.

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The 4 Conferences

1. Data and Performance Marketing Summit:

Numbers, statistics, figures – technology today has given us access to more research findings and data than we ever imagined. But what does that imply for us in the marketing universe? Do we now become ‘hard’ marketers, where every marketing action we plan to execute is driven by analytics, or is marketing still… Read More

2. Content Marketing Summit:

The old adage ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’ holds very true in today’s marketing context. We’ve reached that era of marketing where it isn’t about glitzy commercials any more – it’s about speaking, engaging and building relationships with our customers, through powerful content…Read More

3. Tech Summit:

Technology has had a dramatic effect on marketing and is reshaping the role and responsibilities of both CMOs and CIOs and the relationships between marketing and IT. Technology is clearly no luxury today, rather, an indispensable part of people’s lives. It forms the platform we use to interact, share experiences, and stay connected. And as marketers…Read More

4. Creative Innovation and Design Summit

In the marketing era today, Creativity’s gotten a completely new meaning, with effective design being one that makes people ‘think’. And creativity doesn’t just stop at design, it’s about how unique the experience that you give your customer is. How do we bring this new face of creativity into our marketing universe? Find out at the…Read More