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Award Celebration

Honoring the legends who stand immortal in the glare of time
Overcoming obstacles. Innovating. Creating. Inspiring. In a field as vast as any galaxy, they are the stars that lead the way. Blazing new trails with their dedication and creativity, in a constant quest to raise the bar on possibilities. Where others may have halted, they forged ahead. Mentoring novices. Creating processes and structures. Sharing crucial knowledge. And yes, inspiring whole new generations to take up the torch of marketing.

Join us at the DMAi HALL OF FAME 2014 Awards Evening on 19 Feb at Radisson Blu, Delhi India GMA Week 18th-20th February 2014,

“Somewhere along the line, after I’m finally off the premises, you or your successors may want to take my name off the premises, too. It’s ok with me, if it’s good for you. But I would demand that you take my name off the door, when you lose that restless feeling that anything you do is ever quite good enough.When you lose your passion for thoroughness. When you stop building on strong ideas and start a routine production line. That my friends is when I shall demand you take my name off the door”


The recognition will be in two categories living and posthumous and as many as 4 individuals can be inducted every year.
DMA Hall of Fame honors data-driven marketing professionals who have made outstanding career contributions to the practice, growth, and stature of the direct marketing process. It celebrates the spirit of direct & interactive marketing with innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

DMAi Hall of Fame is modeled along the lines of the DMA Hall of Fame, which is the most prestigious award bestowed upon, in the direct and data-driven marketing and advertising community.


An individual who has made a major contribution to the theory and practice of direct & interactive marketing. The Advisory and Executive Committee has interpreted these criteria to mean that election to the Hall of Fame presupposes notable success in the direct marketing community, in addition to giving back to the community, and recognizing significant contributions made outside of the individual’s business.

The Advisory and Executive Committee considers candidates who have been nominated in accordance with the following: A description of contributions made by the candidate to the theory and practice of direct/interactive marketing, inspired and mentored future generations and encouraged marketers to strive for excellence.

Selection Process

Every year, the DMAi assembles an Executive Committee of notable marketers and entrepreneurs to select inductees nominated by their contemporaries and other community members, into the DMAi Hall of Fame.

The Executive Committee selects up to 4 individuals and nominates them for review by the DMA Board of Directors & Board of Governors.

The award may be bestowed upon the individual at the discretion of the DMA Hall of Fame Executive Committee either for their significant accomplishments in the past or at present. Up to four awards in either category (living or posthumous) may be awarded annually.

However, it is not necessary to present awards every year and the Committee and/or the Board may recommend and vote not to induct anyone in a given year. Inductees are honored at an annual induction ceremony. In 2012 & 2013, the Hall of Fame awards was presented at the Awards Gala at Mumbai. In 2014, the hall of fame inductees were honoured at the DMAi Annual Convention in Delhi.


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