Data and Performance Marketing Summit:

Numbers, statistics, figures – technology today has given us access to more research findings and data than we ever imagined. But what does that imply for us in the marketing universe? Do we now become ‘hard’ marketers, where every marketing action we plan to execute is driven by analytics, or is marketing still about winning people’s emotions? Again, while technology may have given us a wide range of data to work with, how much of it is really relevant, and where do we source this data from – in-house or externally? At the Data and Performance Marketing Summit, allow yourself to explore different facets of this very interesting and debatable topic, by listening to what stalwarts across the industry have to say on the data-driven trend of marketing.


Key Takeaways:

  • How Big Data today forms a core base for marketing decisions today.

  • Why the future of marketing lies in the integration of data and creativity, and how to balance hard data and gut emotion when planning your marketing strategy.

  • Harnessing technology to effectively engage and nurture your customers throughout the Consumer lifecycle.

  • How to effectively find Big Data within your organization and start putting it to work – NOW!

  • Understand what the future of Big Data & Advanced Business Analytic is.

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