Honoring The Individuals & Organizations who inspire the industry to achieve more

Welcome to the DMAi Content Marketer of the Year Award 2015.

The DMAi Content Marketer of the year award is instituted in the year 2015. It is a joint citation for an individual & the company.
This accolade honors the achievement, innovation, and inspiring leadership of an individual & the company whose work represents the very best in Content marketing industry within the last 12 months.
For individual & companies to be considered for Content Marketer of the Year, factors considered include:

Factors considered for individual performance include:

  • Demonstrated leadership through the innovation and implementation of new products or services, processes, or personal growth using Content marketing and show results
  • Utilization of Content Marketing to showcase their contribution within the marketing community (Quality of the end product i e CM Campaign including editorial & design).
  • Is willing to experiment with new channels and ideas on Content Marketing.
  • Have a proven commitment to enhancing the Content Marketers community.
  • Has had an impact on the content marketing community within the last 12 months.
  • Exhibited corporate and social responsibility.

Factors considered for company performance include:

  • Will have shown an impact on the marketing using content marketing and results.
  • Represents innovation, marketplace success, and direct response impact within the community.
  • Involve new concepts, methods/models, and use of content marketing marketing processes.
  • Successfully implement the use of content marketing for optimal customer communications, response, and retention
  • Results achieved within the last 12 months.
  • Exhibited corporate and social responsibility

Individuals & Companies can participate in any of the following categories as applicable
a) Individual’s age below 30 years.
b) Company’s date of incorporation under 36 months as on 1/1/2015.
c) Business turnover under a billion INR.
d) Business turnover under a billion$.
e) Big Boys – Business turnover over a billion$.

Nominees who met the criteria will be submitted to the Advisory Committee for review. The individual & company may be chosen at the discretion of the Advisory Committee who has contributed to content marketing excellence in the last 12 months, and has exhibited corporate and social responsibility. Since its possible for more than one individual & company multiple such awards will be presented annually. However this is not one another list of people that DMAi wants to appease as each award entry must carry a case study of the “how” they achieved the “what” they achieved. DMAi will publish it as a case study book that can inspire others to step forward. It is also not necessary to present an award each year and the Advisory Committee may recommend and vote not to give it all in any given year.