Chairperson Message


Data & Performance Marketing

Vivek Bhargava, MD, iprospectc2

I have been involved in digital marketing industry of india for more than 17 years and spoken in more than 150 national and international conferences in 20 plus countries. DMAi is a unique Conference – I have rarely seen this level of industry participation in a conference.

Almost all the chair persons are CMOs’ of large organizations. The structure of content and speakers is not decided by the organizers, but it is organized by the representatives of the industry.I have been closely associated in educating the industry on digital since more than 15 years. DMAi allows me to sit with my peers in planning both the content and the speakers without any pressure of taking the sponsor as speakers. I love supporting DMAi as it is one of the most transparent organizations I have worked with.I believe that data is going to be key metric for all decision making. Earlier technologies did not exist that could either store or process data to create sound insights – today they do – I believe that the next decade is going to be going to be the age of data.We are creating more data in a day that what was created in decades earlier – I believe that marketers who can master the ability to gain insights from data will get a competitive advantage over everyone else.There is a quote that I will never forget ‘everything that can be counted do not count – while lots of things that can’t be counted count’ – my role is make sure that the speakers are able to educate the audience on how to gain actionable insights and gain a competitive advantage.

Let me give an example – I believe that google is the closest man has come to creating a mind reading machine – every time a search is performed a mind is being read – so database of intentions – social media is the database of actions – one generally shares what actions one has taken or planning to take – so today the marketer has access to what the world is thinking and what the world is doing – imagine the power and actionable insights he can gain from these two simple data points – our role as the conference chair is to ensure that speakers share hundreds of such insights.

Venue : Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi Mahipalpur Nr Airport