Chairperson Message

Vasanth Kumar, CMO – IBM

Today, technology is so infused into the fabric of marketing and communication that it feels strange that not too long ago, this profession was largely untouched by this transformative phenomena of our times. Be it marketing automation, big data analytics, social media, mobility, programmatic advertising or new emerging technologies as wearables, 3 D printing etc. technology today enables marketers to deliver compelling experiences to their customers in a manner that is interactive, individualized and in real time. In this context, it is very appropriate that DMAi has decided to have a separate technology stream at the GMAW 2015.In this stream, our effort is to go both wide as well as deep in covering all aspects of this fascinating area. On one hand, we plan to cover the spectrum of technology dimensions in marketing – whether it is the use of technology in generating better insights, managing big data, connecting better with customers through marketing automation, to how new technologies are redefining industries – like mobile wallets and ibeacons are redefining retail to how marketers are using new emerging technologies like 3 D printing or wearables to reinvent customer experiences. Joining me in this journey are my stream co-hosts which include marketing technologists as Yateesh Srivatsava, Alokedeep Singh, Apurva Chamaria, Piyush Bhargava and Sunder Muthuraman. All of them bring to the table a unique understanding of marketing and technology which will ensure that the content across the three days of the technology stream is both enriching as well as engrossing.It is often said that technology is the fuel for creativity in a world that is increasingly digital. Taking this analogy a little further, I would look at GMAW 2015 to be the fuelling station par excellence this side of the seven seas this February. Come, get yourself tanked up.

Venue : Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi Mahipalpur Nr Airport